Europe still battling with refugee crisis – 250 dead in Mediterrian Sea

Europe still battling with refugee crisis – 250 dead in Mediterrian Sea
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More than 250 migrants have gone missing while two ships drowned in Mediterrian sea in past days. According to UNHCR, one ship broke down near shores of Libya on Sunday. There were 163 people on board, however, only six men and one women were saved. Also after several hours, one more rubber boat was drowned with almost 80 people on board. Only 50 migrants were saved and they were taken to Sicily. From Thursday more than 7500 refugees were saved. According to UNHCR, during these years more than 1300 people have gone missing. Most of the refugees have tried to enter Italy from South Africa through the Mediterrian sea.

Number of immigrants striving to Europe is still increasing. During past days European organisations have saved around 3000 people per day from the Mediterranian Sea.

There are refugees from Africa crisis, which makes influence to Europe. European comission  announced funding for refugees, however, they can not be sure, if there are members of ISIS among them. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, have found out that ISIS is using refugee flows to move around in Europe.

There are a lot of problems with migrants integration, because South Europen countries do not register new refugees in the right way.

However, Europe is emphatic enough for refugees whose try to skip war conflicts.

Anni Lavi and Kamilija Linkute




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