Political life after the elections

Political life after the elections

We’ve all seen the results  of the French elections, with the victory of Emmanuel Macron against the extreme right party of Marine Le Pen, “Le Front National”.

However, the political life still exists and many events happened in France in the past few days since the results of the elections.

First of all; Marine Le Pen is still, even if she lost the elections, growing in the votes.


In 2002, Jean Marie Le Pen was defeated by Jacques Chirac in the second leg of the elections, with a score of approximatively 82%-18%. The interesting thing here is that the score of Jean Marie Le pen did not change between the first and the second leg. Today in 2017, the score of Marine Le Pen increase between the first and the second leg, from 21% to 33%. She had for the 2nd leg 3 million more electors.

The explanations of this came from the others candidates of the first leg: Nicolas Dupont Aignan, who was a candidate at the first leg join Marine Le Pen for the second leg, he then call all his electors to vote for Marine Le Pen.

Second explanation: The link between extreme left party and extreme right party (Mélenchon-Le Pen)

Marine Le Pen runs over an anti-capitalist party and Mélenchon runs over a party who called themselves the “unruly, so there is a first common point.

Except the immigration and economic facts, their party share some common points

Third explanation: The blank vote or nil are favoring Marine Le Pen, in many ways. Or, we counted in the 2nd leg more than 2 million blank vote or nil and an abstention of almost 25%. Those factors are helping Marine Le Pen chances to get elected.

That is the main reason why Marine Le Pen made an historic score in 2017 in comparison with her father Jean Marie Le Pen.

A latest information the medias showed yesterday: The party of Marine Le Pen wants to change the name of the Party.

The first information’s said that the next name can be “L’alliance Patriote et Républicaine, which means “The Patriot and Republican Ally”.

This name was created maybe to attract more electors for the next elections and to erase this old reputation of “Le Front National”, this racist and homophobic reputation.

To conclude this article, the latest event that brought some troubles after the elections was the manifestations against the new president.

Thousands of Marine Le Pen electors were in the streets of many cities in France to protest about this results. Their main aim is to tell to all the others French people that Emmanuel Macron was helped a lot by the press and the medias. Furthermore, these manifestations cause a lot of trouble with many injured people and particularly when the policeman received a “cocktail-Molotov”. His days are in danger but he is the only inured policeman.

Soufiane Belgharbi


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