Brexit repercussions

Brexit repercussions

This is probably one of the events that has generated the greatest public impact in many aspects of European society and more specifically in English society. There is a latent controversy following the referendum of the Brexit because the social spectrum that leaves is extremely relevant, since it has not taken into account the real and transcendental effect that this decision will be for the future of Britain in the coming months And finally in the new stage that begins since the decision of almost fifty percent of the British takes effect lawfully.
The main controversy that British society is undergoing following the referendum is simply that political forces to a greater or lesser extent do not believe that it was possible to be carried out effectively, so that when voting the relevant policies in The chamber of Commons will have many opinions that there will probably be a parallel debate and remove again the idea of whether it has been a good decision to give the population the opportunity to take part in such a very relevant issue.
That is to say, important decisions should never leave them in the hands of the ignorant and this time has been made available to a series of entities little or nothing qualified to take this complicated and unfortunate decision.
I mean that the relationship between the discontent of a faction of the British population and the direct and real repercussion of the referendum along with its absolute consequences dictates much of having been a good idea on the part of the government and consequently by the public opinion moved by the pressures and the manipulation of sectors of the British aristocratic society.
The departure of Great Britain from the European Union will not only have negative consequences for the whole of Europe, on the other hand it will have a greater amount of disadvantageous consequences for the British people.
The single market which ended with the Maastricht treaty in 1993 was a series of opportunities for a number of countries calling themselves the European Union. This meant an almost perfect synergy between most of the countries that make up the European framework.
This is why after the disintegration in parts, it will mean the slowdown of some economic specters in our society, since the British market, and more concretely the city of London congregates an enormous amount of multinational companies that operate thanks to precisely the Composition of the European Union and that after the departure of Great Britain from the European Union will have as a direct consequence the disbandment of all those multinationals that are going to transfer their businesses to other influential points of Europe.
Ultimately the achievement in the coming months of the complete departure of Britain will by itself give the answers that many political analysts are making today on the absolute consequences that will transcend this phenomenon in European society.
And of course we hope they are the least damaging to the compound of the European Union.

Jesús Martín


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